Item Details

Basic info

Helonian Fruit Jelly Lv. 10
DMG +63 for 30 minutes

Delicious jelly made from seasonal fruits around Helonia Coast. Its addicting sweetness makes you want to eat more and more! Right-click to use. You can only have one food effect active at one time.

Sold by Helonia Specialty Merchant Cretia,
Cost 50 silver Selling Price 5 silver

Obtained by

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Helonian Fruit Jelly + 3x Rainbow Fruit = 1x Unidentified Jelly
1x Dried Berries1x Enthralling Baumkuchen + 1x Helonian Fruit Jelly = 1x Unidentified Mushroom Macaroni

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