Item Details

Basic info

Enthralling Baumkuchen Lv. 40
SPD +408 for 30 minutes

This rolled cake has a filling of fresh, juicy fruit. It's so sweet, you could cry. Right-click to use. You can only have one food effect active at one time.

Sold by Manor Big Eater Tully, Tomitsa Gourmet Randolph,
Cost 616 silver Selling Price 61 silver

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Enthralling Baumkuchen2x Dried Berries + 1x Oasis Spices = 1x Unidentified Swiss Roll
1x Dried Berries1x Enthralling Baumkuchen + 1x Helonian Fruit Jelly = 1x Unidentified Mushroom Macaroni

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