Item Details

Basic info

Highland Buffalo Milk Lv. 45
DEF +514 for 30 minutes

Buffalo milk has a peculiar scent, yet is so delicious that you always want to drink more. Right-click to use. You can only have one drink effect active at one time.

Sold by Manor Gourmet Samuel, Wandering Beverage Merchant Dawn,
Cost 994 silver Selling Price 99 silver

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Highland Buffalo Milk + 1x Highland Wheat Flour = 1x Unidentified Fried Milk Balls
1x Murky Coffee1x Highland Buffalo Milk + 3x Cocoa Fruit = 1x Unidentified Coffee
1x Cactus Fruit Tea1x Highland Buffalo Milk + 3x Small Egg = 1x Unidentified Egg Nog

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