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Green Bay Leaves -

The shape of these leaves is determined by the wind that blows over the plant as it grows. Combine this with the Nepenthe Tea sold by Nudak Apprentice Brewer Summer to make Unidentified Aromatic Tea. Right-click to use.

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 10 silver Selling Price 1 silver

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Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Nepenthe Tea1x Stardust Flower + 2x Green Bay Leaves = 1x Unidentified Aromatic Tea
1x Green Bay Leaves5x Volatile Fluid + 1x Psionic Jar = 1x Superior Swiftness Potion
1x Invigorating Beef Broth1x Green Bay Leaves + 2x Small Shellfish = 1x Unidentified Lightly Seasoned Beef Broth
1x Green Bay Leaves1x Small Vulture Eggs + 1x Black Bubble Tea = 1x Unidentified Mushroom Macaroni
1x Fragrant Vitality Fruit1x Green Bay Leaves2x Grapes + 1x Magical Vitality Rhapsody Recipe = 1x Magical Vitality Rhapsody

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