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Pickaxe -

A solid pickaxe used for mining. It will help you gather various types of ore for refining. $13$Works in the wilderness on all maps. Right-click to use.

Sold by Grocer Grayson, Grocer Amos, [SHOP_15], [SHOP_18], Forest Grocer Shana, Grocer Eve, Traveling Merchant Angie, Traveling Merchant Kalan, Traveling Merchant Dora, Forest Traveling Merchant Savi, Grocer Jaye, Grocer Gilles, Grocer Grace, Grocer Harvey, Grocer Lana, Grocer Enos, Battlefront Grocer Anita, Battlefront Merchant Larry, Battlefront Grocer Amos, Battlefront Merchant Kalan,
Cost 1 gold 500 silver Selling Price 150 silver

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