Item Details

Basic info

Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast Lv. 65
  • Base Damage : 21539
  • Base Crit : 616
  • Base HP : 2265
  • Base Evasion : 883
Max HP +5% Electrocution skill's Damage +25% Every attack has an 8% chance to Bare Fangs, which increases CRIT DMG by 35% for 15 seconds

"This Katar is forged from an extremely rare metal and used to belong to a legendary royal knight. The beautiful golden carvings and giant inlaid gem show how exquisite this item is."

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 607 silver Selling Price 160 silver

Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast.

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