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Essence of Titanus Lv. 45

"Fragment formed from the concentrated power of Titanio. It emitsintensive magic fluctuations." Obtained from "Titanius" at "Miner's Steppe"

Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Gladiator's Axe1x Essence of Titanus1x Lion's Vocal Cords + 1x Fusion Formula: Hallim's Mighty Strikes = 1x Hallim's Mighty Strikes
1x Reliquary Cannon1x Essence of Titanus1x Glimmering Miracle Stone Fragment + 1x Fusion Formula: Bradley's Mountain Buster = 1x Bradley's Mountain Buster
1x Thundering Claws of Pandemonium1x Essence of Titanus1x Eternal Stoneheart + 1x Fusion Formula: Katrina's Judgement = 1x Katrina's Judgement
1x Ocean's Whisper Scythe1x Essence of Titanus1x Unstable Energy + 1x Fusion Formula: Audy's Passion = 1x Audy's Passion
1x Glory Greatsword1x Essence of Titanus1x Unstable Energy + 1x Fusion Formula: Mandon's Courage = 1x Mandon's Aegis of Courage

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