Item Details

Basic info

Waterfall Catfish Mucus Lv. 40

The waterfall catfish is covered in mucus that makes it extremely slippery. Surely someone has a use for it. Found from Waterfall Catfish caught in Oblitus Wood.


Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Waterfall Catfish Mucus.

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Waterfall Catfish Mucus1x Veteran Hunter's Fishing Rod + 1x Fusion Formula: Daze Rod = 1x Daze Rod
1x Nazrudin's Gem50x Sea of Thoughts1x Waterfall Catfish Mucus + 1x Fusion Formula: Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep = 1x Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep
1x Bloodthirsty Fangs1x Waterfall Catfish Mucus1x Armored Rod + 1x Fusion Formula: Warm Heart = 1x Warm Heart

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