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Basic info

Bealdor's Empiric Ring Lv. 65
  • Base Damage : 915
  • Base HP : 1294
  • Base Evasion : 505
Max HP +2%
Set Bonus
This item is part of Bright Relic Set set.
Set Bonus: Max HP +2847 CRIT hits grant "Luminous Protection," reducing received DMG -25% for 6 sec. This effect can appear only once in 20 sec.

"This ring was forged from condensed Holy Light. If you are touched by this blessed item, a list of the sins you've committed will gradually appear on your skin and will remain for the rest of your life, a tattooed reminder of your wrongdoings. You'll never forget to wash your hands after going to the bathroom again!"

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 250 silver Selling Price 125 silver

Obtained by

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