Item Details

Basic info

Takezo's Persistent Resolve Lv. 45
  • Base Damage : 12491
  • Base Crit : 319
  • Base HP : 941
  • Base Evasion : 387
CRIT +3% Flame Skills' DMG +5% Attacks have an 8% chance to trigger Takezo's Power, increasing CRIT DMG +25% for 15 sec.

"The furnace Takezo used to forge tachis was slowly infused with the will of the tachi itself, so Takezo melted the furnace down and turned it into a powerful weapon of its own right."

Required Recipe
Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 606 silver Selling Price 160 silver

Crafting info

Required Recipe: Fusion Formula: Takezo's Immortal Will
Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Jade Thunder Tachi1x Ramgram's Crystalline Heart1x Miracle Rock Beetle's Heart + 1x Fusion Formula: Takezo's Immortal Will = 1x Takezo's Persistent Resolve

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