Item Details

Basic info

Omniscient Eye Lv. 60

"This bloodshot eyeball emits mysterious energy. They say that if you look into its golden iris, it will reflect your future." You can obtain this item from Eternal Wise Crabs in Vulture's Vale.


Obtained by

By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Omniscient Eye.

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Deep Sea Tuna Scale1x Omniscient Eye1x Nebuchadnezzar's Shoes + 1x Scheme: Nebuchadnezzar's Alpine Gaiters = 1x Nebuchadnezzar's Alpine Gaiters
1x Omniscient Eye1x Rainbow Teardrop1x Classic Guild Fishing Rod + 1x Fusion Formula: Grand Duke's Rod = 1x Grand Duke's Rod
1x Ice Field Continent Turtle Armor1x Omniscient Eye1x Wise Master's Rod + 1x Fusion Formula: Poseidon's Horn = 1x Poseidon's Horn

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