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Crystalline Will Lv. 30

Release the magic power from the crystal within the tachi, and you'll be an explosive force to be reckoned with in battle. The blessing will be extended to your teammates, as well. Each time you cast "Tale of Swords" using the Tachi party skill, you must spend one Crystal.

Sold by Grocer Kingston, Grocer Grayson, Grocer Amos, [SHOP_15], [SHOP_18], Forest Grocer Shana, Grocer Eve, Grocer Jaye, Grocer Gilles, Grocer Grace, Grocer Harvey, Grocer Lana, Grocer Enos, Battlefield Merchant, Sky Tower Merchant, Battlefront Grocer Anita, Battlefront Grocer Amos,
Cost 1 gold 273 silver Selling Price 127 silver

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