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Basic info

Gram's Transformed Orb Lv. 60

This special artifact from Sky Tower was bestowed upon you by the Grand Bishop. He believes only you stand a chance against the Evil Dragon. You must help the Alliance fight off the Demons set upon you by the sinister Shadow Knight. Prepare for the battle of your life. With this artifact and Gram's Spiritual Heart, you can summon the Evil Dragon again.

Sold by Phantom Scavengers Kular,
Cost 100 silver Selling Price 10 silver

Obtained by

Quest Reward

Gram's Transformed Orb can be obtain by doing the following quest:

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
300x Vulture's Vale Medal300x Blizzard Berg Medal1x Gram's Spiritual Heart + 1x Gram's Transformed Orb = 1x Evil Dragon Gram

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