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Aura Kingdom Coupon: 10 Points (Non-Tradable) -

Loyalty Points are a special way to purchase items. This item grants 10 Loyalty Points. Thanks for enjoying Aura Kingdom! The limit number for coupons is 9999. You will not receive anymore coupons when this number is reached.

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Lv. 5
Lv. 5
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By Destroying

Salvaging or destroying the following items, will give you a chance of getting Aura Kingdom Coupon: 10 Points (Non-Tradable).
Isaias's Gift
Edward's Gift
Annie's Gift
Kargula's Gift
Meira's Gift
Grass Kingdom's Gift
Wilhelm's Gift
Mina's Gift
Max's Gift
Billy's Gift
First Village Chief's Gift
Reid's Gift
Doctor Crow's Gift
Kirk's Gift
Faye's Gift
Miriya's Gift
Valerie's Gift
Floras's Gift
Watson's Gift
Shane's Gift
Lola's Gift
Grass Kingdom's Present
Eddie's Gift
Daisy's Gift
Sheldon's Gift
Stanley's Gift
Grass Kingdom's Reward
Tyrone's Gift
Koral's Gift
Exedore's Gift
Barlo's Gift
Orlando's Gift
Dimensional Hall Reward (Level 20)
Dimensional Hall Reward (Level 35)
Dimensional Hall Reward (Level 45)
Dimensional Hall Reward (Level 55)
Moonlight Rabbit's Treasure
Moonlight Rabbit's Treasure
Lucy's Gift
Al and Allie's Gift
Doreen's Gift
Cassidy's Gift
Dr. Wright's Gift
Sylvia's Gift
Llewelyn's Gift
Sonia's Gift
Lv60. Lucy's Fortune Bag
Lv60. Lucy's Fortune Bag
Miracle Cube
Pumpkin Festival Gift Box
Party Gift Box
Fisher King's Reward(SPD)
Fisher King's Reward(STR)
Fisher King's Reward(SKILL)
Fireworks Village Gift
Fisher King's Reward (Variety)
Grass Kingdom Gift
Thanksgiving Celebration Gift
Nicolas's Holy Tree Gift
Winter Kindness Gift Box
Valentine's Day Treasure
Easter Egg
Hopeful Resurrection Ritual Box
Advanced Fisher King's Reward (SPD)
Advanced Fisher King's Reward (STR)
Advanced Fisher King's Reward (SKILL)
Advanced Fisher King's Reward (VERS)
Dimensional Hall Reward (Level 65)
L40. Dimensional Hall Reward
Grass Kingdom's Gift of Gratitude
Elder Yeshe's Gift of Gratitude
Nino's Bronze Reward
Kayel's Bronze Reward
Titanus' Bronze Reward
Argus' Bronze Reward
Asheara's Bronze Reward
Nino's Platinum Reward
Kayel's Platinum Reward
Titanus' Platinum Reward
Argus' Platinum Reward
Asheara's Platinum Reward
Nino's Gold Reward
Kayel's Gold Reward
Titanus' Gold Reward
Argus' Gold Reward
Asheara's Gold Reward
Nino's Silver Reward
Kayel's Silver Reward
Titanus' Silver Reward
Argus' Silver Reward
Asheara's Silver Reward
Wish List Lucky Pack
Lovers' Delight Lucky Pack
Carnival Cake Lucky Pack
Carnival Biscuit Lucky Pack
Unidentified Mysterious Puppet
The Great Pumpkin Lucky Pack
Imp's Mischief Loot
Culinary Club Mysterious Gift Bag
Collectors Club Mysterious Gift Bag
Rococo's Token of Appreciation
Non-Tradable Christmas Lucky Pack
Jim's Snowball
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